Fraud Detection

Reject automatically  fake documents

Document verification can catch bad actors before they enter your platform and harm your business. Push them back with our cutting-edge AI-driven ID authentication technology. Spot frauds in real-time.

Keep your company safe from malicious actors

Levels of identity fraud risk differ from business to business. So it’s important that your online identity verification lets you set a balance between identity fraud detection and frictionless user experience that matches your risk appetite and customer base.

Helping fraud teams to work in real-time on the most sensitive cases

Make your anti-fraud process entirely humanless. Fraud managers will only check their dashboards in order to face the most sensitive cases that require human interaction. Leave the machine working on the 99% of anti-fraud checks.

How can you use or integrate our solutions?

  • Web App
  • Cloud Based API/SDK
  • On-Premise