Deepfake Detection

Transform your approach to digital security with our state-of-the-art deepfake detection solution. Our proprietary API is expertly crafted to identify even the most advanced AI-based media manipulations and synthesis techniques. From detecting fake human faces in social media profiles to uncovering realistic face swaps in videos, our technology ensures a higher level of safety and authenticity for your image and video files. Trust our solution to provide unparalleled accuracyin an era where digital deception is on the rise

What can we detect?

GAN Faces

Stay ahead in the battle against digital fraud with our cutting-edge technology designed to combat synthetic identities. These false personas, often created using GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), present a sophisticated challenge in today's digital landscape. Our solution is tailored to identify and neutralize these artificially generated images, safeguarding your systems against the complexities of modern identity fraud. Embrace our technology to ensure the authenticity and security of your digital interactions

AI-Generated Images

Discover unmatched protection with Sensity, your premier defense against AI-generated imagery. With a remarkable accuracy rate of 98.8%, our solution is at the forefront of identifying AI-altered visuals. Rely on Sensity for unmatched accuracy, offering you the assurance and dependability necessary in a time when digital authenticity is constantly challenged. Elevate your security standards with Sensity, where precision in detecting AI manipulations is not just a feature, it's a guarantee

Face Swap

Protect your digital domain with our advanced solution, designed to counteract the rising threat of deepfakes. These sophisticated forgeries are increasingly used in real-time by fraudsters, not only to impersonate celebrities for fraudulent schemes on social platforms but also to bypass stringent ID verification processes. Our technology offers a robust defense, ensuring the integrity of digital interactions and safeguarding against these deceptive tactics. Stay one step ahead of fraudsters and ensure a secure, trustworthy online experience with our cutting-edge deepfake detection tools

AI Generated Voices

Step into the future with our advanced technology, crafted to meet the emerging challenge of AI-generated voices that closely mimic real human speech. Our innovative solutions offer a crucial barrier of protection and validation, preserving the genuineness of voice interactions in a time when digital impersonation is becoming more intricate. Embrace our technology, engineered to discern between AI-produced and authentic human voices, thereby protecting your communications. With our tools, you can maintain confidence and integrity in the digital world

How can you use or integrate our solutions?

  • Web App
  • Cloud Based API/SDK
  • On-Premise