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Deepfakes VS Biometric KYC Verification

Deepfakes vs Biometric KYC Verification

Deepfakes are exploited by fraudsters to bypass biometric KYC checks in online onboarding processes used in banking, fintech, telco, insurance, crypto, and gambling. This report details Sensity's systematic penetration tests of 10 among the top KYC vendors worldwide, equivalent to an estimated 1/4 of the global market share. We have created dot (the deepfake offensive toolkit), the industry-first toolkit for injecting deepfakes into biometrics systems, with the specific goal to test the vulnerability of the standard steps in every KYC solution: ID document authentication, face matching and liveness detection. We found that 90% of the vendors are severely vulnerable to deepfake attacks.

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The State of Deepfakes 2019

The State of Deepfakes 2019 Landscape, Threats, and Impact

Our research reveales deepfake videos are growing rapidly online, doubling over the last seven months to 14,678, with 96% concerning reputation attacks to public figures in the form of fake adult material. Some of the top four websites considered in analysis received more than 134 million views, whilst the most common victims' country of origin are the US, the UK, South Korea, Canada and India. (22 pages + appendix.)

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