The State of Deepfakes 2020: Updates on Statistics and Trends

The deepfake landscape is evolving fast when considering technology, actors, and targets. New consumer apps are bringing deepfakes to the mainstream. Meanwhile, non-consensual and harmful deepfake videos crafted by expert creators are now doubling roughly every 6 months. The number of deepfake videos detected up to Dec 2020 amounts to 85.047. This report aggregates statistics by target's nationality, industry, gender, and yearly growth. (6 pages.)

Automating Image Abuse: Deepfake bots on Telegram

This report outlines an investigation into an underground deepfake bot embedded in Telegram chatrooms was used to synthetise fake naked photos of approximately 104.000 females, using their social media profile pictures without their knowledge, for an estimate of 70% private individuals. We gather evidence that the bot had more than 100 thousand users overall, with 70% appearing to be Russian speakers. (12 pages.)

The State of Deepfakes 2019
The State of Deepfakes 2019 Landscape, Threats, and Impact

Our research reveales deepfake videos are growing rapidly online, doubling over the last seven months to 14,678, with 96% concerning reputation attacks to public figures in the form of fake adult material. Some of the top four websites considered in analysis received more than 134 million views, whilst the most common victims' country of origin are the US, the UK, South Korea, Canada and India. (22 pages + appendix.)

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