How to detect a deepfake with Sensity

With an intuitive and accessible user interface, Sensity is commodifying the technology for detecting deepfake videos and GAN generated faces.… Continue

Automating Image Abuse: deepfake bots on Telegram

Today we go public with the findings of a new Sensity investigation into a newly uncovered deepfake ecosystem on the… Continue

How To Spot a Deepfake: Educating the Public on Deepfakes

We are proud to share Spot Deepfakes, a project we contributed to, led by Microsoft and the University of Washington’s… Continue

Sensity Platform: Search And Explore

These days, a routine surf on the web may make you want to step back and ask: wait, is this… Continue

Deeptrace becomes Sensity

We are excited to announce that Deeptrace is now Sensity! While we love our birth name, the imminent launch of our… Continue

Deepfake Detection Tool

In this blog, we're proud to share our deepfake detection tool, with this edition focusing on automating the identification of… Continue

Deepfake Threat Intelligence: a statistics snapshot from June 2020

  In September 2019, we released our State of Deepfakes report, the first research of its kind providing data-driven analysis… Continue

Mapping the Deepfake Landscape

The rise of synthetic media and deepfakes is forcing us towards an important and unsettling realization: our historical belief that… Continue

Social Engineering And Sabotage: Why Deepfakes Pose An Unprecedented Threat To Businesses

There is growing concern about the threats that weaponised misinformation, such as fake news, pose to businesses and their brands.… Continue

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