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what is KYC verification

What is KYC Verification? The Complete Guide

KYC is the practice of verifying an individual’s identity in compliance with laws and regulations, primarily for Anti-Money Laundering purposes. In response to the pronounced inability to detect and prevent online fraud, the KYC process has been introduced to reduce instances of illegal transactions. The increasing adoption of technologies led to the rise in cases […]

Sensity Team 10/08/2021
How to Detect Deepfake Online

How to Detect a Deepfake Online

In this blog post let’s try to understand how to detect a deepfake online in a few seconds. It is actually very simple by using Sensity. With an intuitive and accessible user interface, Sensity is commodifying the technology for detecting deepfake videos and GAN generated faces. You can easily drag & drop multiple videos and […]

Sensity Team 02/08/2021
Automating Image Abuse - Deepfake Bots on Telegram

Automating Image Abuse: deepfake bots on Telegram

Today we go public with the findings of a new Sensity investigation into a newly uncovered deepfake ecosystem on the messaging platform Telegram. The focal point is an AI-powered bot that allows users to photo-realistically “strip naked” images of women, an evolution of the infamous DeepNude emerged in 2019. We collect the findings of our […]

Sensity Team 10/20/2020
How to Spot a Deepfake

How To Spot a Deepfake: Educating the Public on Deepfakes

We are proud to share Spot Deepfakes, a project we contributed to, led by Microsoft and the University of Washington’s Centre for an Informed Public. Of the many threats posed by deepfakes, none have drawn more public concern than those affecting politics. Many have warned of deepfakes’ potential to destabilize democratic processes and enhance political […]

Sensity Team 09/08/2020
Mapping the Deepfake Landscape

Mapping the Deepfake Landscape

The rise of synthetic media and deepfakes is forcing us towards an important and unsettling realization: our historical belief that video and audio are reliable records of reality is no longer tenable. I choose the word “historical” as this belief is a coincidence of how technology has evolved. Still today, we trust a phone call […]

Sensity Team 10/07/2019