KYC/AML Verification

Implement the onboarding flow that works for your business. When authorities will check your company for KYC/AML compliance, you need a trusted partner that can fit in with the goal to address regulations. Sensity provides customized configurations for identity verification, so you can choose our APIs or SDKs to build the right solution: automated, effective, compliant, and secure.

On-board new clients online

Digital banking is growing exponentially. A good and professional ID verification software is the business card of your company to your customers. Stay compliant with KYC/AML regulations and automate the entire authentication process and engage your users with ID checks, face matching, and liveness.

No human review needed

Enjoy Sensity's fully automated KYC solution. No human review. No back-office operators doing double checks. Thanks to our deep learning-based solutions you can go with the automatic pilot. Just check the performance in your dedicated dashboard.

How can you use or integrate our solutions?

  • Web App
  • Cloud Based API/SDK
  • On-Premise