Customer Onboarding

Speed Up your  Onboarding Process

Manage user access and keep your business safe without damaging customer retention. Don't annoy your customers with useless steps. Create engaging, fast and frictionless paths to verify your customer identities.

Cut operational costs with powerful automation

With today’s digital age, remote onboarding is the standard, and to be able to grow the business you need to have an automated C-IAM with a secure, fast, and accurate identification process. With Sensity, you’re ensuring a smooth UX for honest users and a fraud engine that detects and prevents frauds in real-time.

Reduce churn rate due to boring and long onboarding procedures

Accept more users with an AI-guided user experience that enables users to fix mistakes in real-time. Fill users' profiles with extracted and verified data, reducing the steps and actions users need to make to become your customers. Knockdown the churn rate engaging and delighting your clients.

How can you use or integrate our solutions?

  • Web App
  • Cloud Based API/SDK
  • On-Premise