All-In-One Deepfake Detection

AI-powered deepfake detection for videos, images, audio and identities. A single solution for multiple use cases.

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How Sensity can help you

Improve security and reduce losses due to AI-powered threats

Deepfakes are here to stay, getting better in quality and having a worse impact on society at every level. Equipping your organization with Sensity AI means adopting the best-in-class solution with a multilayer approach for reducing the risks and consequences of AI-powered cyber threats

  • Detect AI alterations at scale

    Deepfake videos, images, audio, and identities are hard for the human eye to detect. Sensity uses the most advanced AI and deep learning technology to reveal what is unseen.

  • Train your employees

    Our platform doesn’t just offer cutting-edge technology for detection; it also serves as an educational resource. Through interactive modules, real-world scenarios, and comprehensive training materials, your team will develop a keen eye for spotting AI-induced discrepancies.

  • Ensure safe browsing

    Whether you are a government agency, a cybersecurity firm, a marketplace, a social media platform, or a media company, ensuring safe browsing for your customers is not just a service feature; it’s a commitment to their digital safety and trust.

  • Explore endless AI-powered detection capabilities

    Since the first deepfake appeared on Reddit in 2017, we have been on the front line in building cutting-edge AI solutions for detecting threats in digital media. Choosing Sensity is a strategic decision for the future and the security of your company or your country.

KYC Security
Tick icon Response <1s
Tick icon High scalability
Tick icon Low false positives

Real-time deepfake technology is publicly available and fully commodified, allowing fraudsters to easily impersonate someone else during online identity verification. By injecting face swaps or other AI-powered alterations into the camera feed, they can fool facial recognition and proof-of-liveness systems. Sensity provides the most comprehensive set of detection tools to keep your company and clients safe from this new generation of cyber threats.

Media Verification
Tick icon Multi layer
Tick icon Fully Automated
Tick icon No expertise needed

We provide an intuitive and frictionless user interface where anyone, without forensic expertise, can drag and drop files or copy and paste URLs to get the most comprehensive assessment in a fully automated way within seconds. This is made possible by our multilayer approach based on pixel, file structure, and voice analysis

Threat Intelligence
Tick icon Real time alerts
Tick icon Global Coverage
Tick icon Dark web monitoring

We grant our clients access to the largest deepfake monitoring system currently available on the market, capable of running analysis in the wild on specific targets such as people, organizations, topics, and geographies. Once the system identifies deepfake threats related to your search inputs, you will be notified in real time and receive a dedicated threat assessment

Sensity Platform

One platform for a cross-industry approach

Sensity is the only AI-threat detection platform with a cross-industry approach. From digital forensics to law enforcement, KYC vendors, social media platforms, insurance companies, defense and intelligence agencies. We deliver real-time assessment on every type of digital media at scale: video, images, audio and identities.

Use Cases

Built for your use case

  • Pill icon Digital Forensics

    Our cutting-edge Deepfake Detection Solution is designed specifically for digital forensics companies seeking to empower their detection capabilities with the latest in deep learning technologies.

  • Pill icon Intelligence

    As digital deception continues to rise, our cutting-edge deepfake detection solution provides law enforcement vendors with a powerful weapon to combat online scams.

  • Pill icon Cybersecurity

    Synthetic media and deepfakes are increasingly weaponized for social engineering attacks, corporate communication poisoning, phishing campaigns, and sophisticated fraud schemes.

  • Pill icon KYC

    KYC vendors face an unprecedented challenge: the rise of sophisticated deepfakes that threaten to compromise facial recognition and liveness check, pivotal components of biometric identity verification.

  • Pill icon Law Enforcement

    In an era where AI-powered digital deception is on the rise, our cutting-edge deepfake detection solution offers law enforcement agencies a powerful weapon in the fight against cyber criminals.

  • Pill icon Defence

    As the battle for truth becomes as critical as the battle on the ground in modern warfare, our state-of-the-art deepfake detection solution emerges as an indispensable ally for defense agencies.

Results you can count on


Accuracy compared to the 70% of non-AI forensic tools


Malicious deepfakes identified in the past 12 months

14 min

Average time saved on manual reviews per case




Reshaping digital media trust in the Generative AI age


Sensity is designed for both developers and non-technical people.

Sensity deployment benefits
Monitor icon API
Monitor icon SDK
Monitor icon Web App
Enterprise ready

Designed for developers and non-tech users

Media Verification
The State of Deepfakes 2024
In this report our goal is to show where bad actors are operating, in which geographies they act, what techniques and frameworks they use, who their targets are and which technologies they are using. We also focused on ongoing events like the USA 2024 Elections, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Media Verification
Sensity AI: The most effective deepfake detection solution

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