AI-Powered deepfake

Visual media integrity in the Generative AI age

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Strengthen your detection capabilities against AI-Manipulated content

Speeding Up Analyst Work

Empower your security analysts with our AI-driven solution, designed to quickly and accurately identify deepfake content

Harness leading AI technology

Leverage the power of our state-of-the-art AI in your deepfake detection workflow. Our technology stands at the forefront of the market, continuously evolving

Replace outdated solutions

Our solution not only detects deepfakes more effectively than legacy systems but also offers ongoing updates and support

Safeguard identity integrity

Ensure the authenticity of individuals in digital interactions with our solution. Our advanced deepfake detection tools are adept at identifying and flagging impersonation attempts

Deepfake Detection

  • Face swap
  • Face reenactment
  • GAN Human Faces
  • Synthetic audio
  • Lip Sync
  • AI-Generated Images

Preventing deepfake injection in KYC

Enhance your online security and stay ahead of fraudsters with our cutting-edge solution. In recent times, we've witnessed a sharp increase in identity theft attempts through sophisticated face swap techniques. Our SDK, integrated with our advanced Face Manipulation Detection API, offers a robust defense against these tactics, ensuring the integrity of your identity verification processes

AI-Powered forensic analysis on images, videos and audio

Lead the way in digital security with our pioneering deepfake detection solution, first launched in 2018. We're proud to be the world's first company to commercialize this technology. Our versatile algorithms are tailor-made for a broad spectrum of forensic checks, applicable to all forms of audiovisual content. Elevate your security measures with our cutting-edge solution and stay protected against the ever-evolving digital threats

Test your skills in detecting AI-generated images and deepfake videos.

Face matching

  • Accurate matching in absence of optimal conditions
  • 4 seconds average for verification
  • Trained on millions of faces

Onboard legit users

Onboard only users who present faces coherent with the face on the ID document previoulsly presented.

Face matching in a database

Our solution can be used to find and match a face in a millions faces database with the 99.2% accuracy

Liveness Check

  • Detect presentation and replay attacks
  • Prevent camera injection
  • Frictionless passive check


Get ready to stop the next generation of AI-Powered spoofing attempts

Reduce Churn Rate

With our passive liveness detection your clients don't need to perform any action in front of the camera

Fraudulent Document Detection

  • Document classification
  • Metadata analysis
  • Deduplication
  • Forgery detection

Support your fraud team

We leverage four different types of approaches able to analyze the document from completely different perspective in order to put in condition your fraud team to spot a wide range of document fraud.

Automation and actionable insights

Speed-up the document review from hours to seconds and get actionable insights to evaluate the risk rate of your new clients. Keep anything monitored through a simple and intuitive dashboard.

ID Document Verification

  • Document classification among 11.000 formats
  • 137 languages
  • 238 territories
  • Verifications in less than 5 seconds


We help your international expansion with our all-in-one solution to classify and analyze ID Documents

Reject suspicious documents

Stop frauds with a multilayer AI-Powered forensic suite. Get detailed reports about the type of forgery with our analytics dashboard

How can you use or integrate our solutions?

  • Web App
  • Cloud Based API/SDK
  • On-Premise

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