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Our Mission

Founded in late 2018, Sensity is the world’s first visual threat intelligence company. We are a team of Machine Learning Researchers and Threat Intelligence Specialists on a mission to defend individuals and organizations against the threats posed by deepfakes and other forms of malicious visual media.

What Are Visual Threats?

Our digital world is saturated with visual media. New forms of synthetic media, such as deepfakes, as well as sophisticated tools for manipulating images and videos present malicious actors with powerful new capabilities for deploying cyber, disinformation, and reputation attacks. These new visual threats present serious risks to individuals, brands, and organizations.

Our Technology

Sensity’s AI technologies provide our customers with a powerful defence against weaponised deepfakes and other visual threats by combining deepfake detection with advanced monitoring capabilities.


Our monitoring technology intercepts visual threats targeting individuals and organizations in real-time, with instant customer alerts providing detailed threat analysis and severity assessments.


Our proprietary detection API combines the latest advances in computer vision and video forensics to provide customers with accurate and scalable deepfake detection capabilities for a wide range of critical applications.


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