Face matching and liveness detection models are vulnerable to advanced deepfake injection attacks, as they primarily focus on verifying physical presence but struggle with sophisticated manipulations that mimic live interactions convincingly.

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Deepfake injections detected
compared to 2023


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Time necessary for training our solution on new AI-spoofing tools

Sensity for KYC

The need for enhanced security measures has never been more critical

Our solution not only identifies and neutralizes the threat posed by deepfakes, but also reinforces the trustworthiness of online identity verification processes. With Sensity, KYC vendors can safeguard their operations against the sophisticated tactics of todays’ cyber criminals.

  • Secure Customer Onboarding

    Implement deepfake detection algorithms during the customer onboarding process to ensure that the biometric data (face and voice) provided is genuine and has not been manipulated.

Boost security and reduce exposure
to AI-generated threats

Face manipulation detection
AI-generated face detection
Virtual camera detection

Deepfakes VS Biometrics KYC Verification

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