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These days, a routine surf on the web may make you want to step back and ask: wait, is this real? Or worse: this was not me!

It can become increasingly more difficult for anyone with a public online persona to rid the web of fake news stories and rumors. Today, the ease of creating deepfakes exacerbates this problem and presents a major concern for executive teams, celebrities, influencers, political representatives, or even just anyone with some semblance of an online persona.

Sensity’s Visual Threat Intelligence allows you to get ahead of deepfakes and protect yourself and others against compromising visual content. To protect your identity and brand as they appear online, the starting point is the Search and Explore function.

What is the Search and Explore Function?

Sensity’s platform collects visual data from hundreds of different sources across both the open and dark web. Through the use of deep learning and the contributions of our team of threat analysts, the platform detects visual media created with malicious intent and reveals the risks associated with this material.

The Search and Explore function in itself works as a search bar you can use to access this type of data by something as simple as typing the name of the person you want to research. Filtering of the data is possible by the industrial sector and geography.

Zooming in, for every individual targeted, this function returns aggregated data on their vulnerabilities, organized in different classes of visual threats, such as:

     Deepfakes: visual media manipulated or synthesized with artificial intelligence (AI)

     Cheapfakes: visual content edited with low-end software

     Lookalikes: visual content deceptively representing the person by somebody else looking similar

     Stolen media: proprietary visual content stolen and/or repurposed

     Face sets: archives containing (thousands of) photos of the person used to create deepfakes

     Creation requests: intercepted requests of creation for one of the categories above


The platform also provides further analytics:

     Monthly growth: is the number of detected vulnerability still growing every month? How much?

     The risk rating: how often is this person targeted and how often might they be in the future?The risk rating: how often is this person targeted and how often might they be in the future?

Who Needs These Features?

Manipulated visual media can damage the reputations of people, brands, companies. It becomes more and more important for anyone with an online profile to stay alert to these threats and to address them head-on before they manage to make their way into public consciousness.

Some instances where Sensity may be helpful include:

     Reputation management for the entertainment industry or any prominent public figure whose reputation may be affected by fakes images or videos;

     Fact-checking in journalism;

     PR crisis management for brands or companies.


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