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A Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Solution For Visual Media

Sensity collects detailed visual threat intelligence from hundreds of source across the open and dark web. We use deep learning to detect malicious visual media and reveal a comprehensive view of the risks associated with audio-visual content targeting individuals and companies.

Deepfake detection

Upload your own image and video files, or submit URLs to be analyzed by our proprietary's deepfake detection technology. Sensity AI detectors are designed to recognize the latest AI-based media manipulation and synthesis techniques, including fake human faces in social media profiles, and realistic faceswaps in videos.

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Get access to the world’s most comprehensive database of deepfakes and other visual media targeting public figures, including insights on most targeted countries and industries.

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Threat Assessment

Receive a complete threat assessment on public figures’ exposure to visual threats, including monthly updates of their vulnerability score and threat incident growth.



Set up your watchlist and get email notification when we detect a new visual threat. Sensity continuously monitors deep and dark web channels in order to provide you with early detection of visual cyber threats and actionable alerts.

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