Deeptrace becomes Sensity

We are excited to announce that Deeptrace is now Sensity! While we love our birth name, the imminent launch of our Visual Threat Intelligence Platform means now is the right time for a change. Since we first launched, our vision for the company has developed significantly. We now see deepfake detection as part of our complete security solution for monitoring, detecting, and removing compromising visual threats. We feel that Sensity better expresses our company’s broader mission of protecting individuals and organizations from these visual threats with our newly expanded set of technologies.

What is visual threat intelligence?

New forms of synthetic media, such as deepfakes, and sophisticated tools for manipulating images and videos are on the rise. As our research continues to show, malicious actors are already deploying these tools to orchestrate enhanced cyber, disinformation, and reputation attacks. These new attacks pose unprecedented risks to individuals, brands, and organizations, that are beyond the protection of traditional cybersecurity and threat intelligence. To describe this class of new attack, we have coined a new term: visual threats. Visual threats include the marketplace exchange of malicious tools and services or the sharing of an individual’s stolen images for the creation of a deepfake. At Sensity, we intercept these threats daily and monitor when the malicious visual media finally surfaces online. These advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities are what we have been working on since early 2019, with the derived intelligence guiding technical research on our detection technology. With the coming launch of our Visual Threat Intelligence Platform, we will offer access to our threat feeds and attacks database

Do you want get access to the world largest database of detected deepfakes?

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So what will you be able to do on Sensity’s new Platform?


Get access to the world’s most comprehensive database of deepfakes and other visual media targeting public figures, including insights on most targeted countries and industries.

Threat Assessment

Receive a complete threat assessment on public figures’ exposure to visual threats, including monthly updates of their risk rating and incidents growth.


Set up your watchlist and get email notifications when we detect new visual threats. Sensity continuously monitors deep and dark web channels in order to provide you with early detection of visual cyber threats and actionable alerts.

Deepfake Detection

Upload your image and video files, or submit URLs to be analyzed by our proprietary deepfake detection technology. Sensity AI detectors are designed to recognize the latest AI-based media manipulation and synthesis techniques, including fake human faces in social media profiles, and realistic faceswaps in videos.

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