Threat Intelligence

Keep the internet safe by continuously monitoring and intercepting threats before they escalate. Leveraging our advanced deepfake threat intelligence system, we can identify and label malicious activities in real-time, ensuring a secure and trustworthy online environment

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Understanding Deepfake Threat Intelligence

Real Time Threat Intelligence

Using our deepfake monitoring system built in 2020, we can track suspicious online media by geography, people, organizations, and topics, staying updated on emerging threats notifying in real time our clients once we find a threat matching with their criteria.

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Global Coverage
global coverage

The threat intelligence feature for deepfakes is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring and real-time notifications regarding the presence of deepfake content across various channels. This sophisticated tool allows users to investigate specific individuals, organizations, geographic regions, and topics, ensuring a thorough examination of potential threats. By delivering instant alerts to clients, it helps in the timely mitigation of risks associated with deepfake content. Additionally, this feature significantly contributes to the enhancement of our threat database, enabling us to stay abreast of emerging manipulation techniques and attack vectors across multiple industries.

Real Time Detection
real time detection

Real-time monitoring is a critical feature of our deepfake threat intelligence solution, providing instant detection and analysis of deepfake content as it appears. This capability ensures that clients receive immediate alerts about potential threats, enabling swift action to mitigate risks. By continuously scanning specific channels for deepfake content, we ensure that no suspicious activity goes unnoticed. This proactive approach not only helps in protecting individuals and organizations from the potential harm caused by deepfakes but also keeps our threat database current with the latest manipulation techniques and attack patterns.

High-Risk Channels
High-Risk Channels

Our deepfake threat intelligence solution excels in operating within borderline environments, providing robust detection and analysis capabilities where traditional monitoring tools often fall short. We extend our surveillance to the Darknet and Telegram channels, as well as ad networks on social media platforms, which are known hotspots for cybercriminals and other malicious actors. By targeting these high-risk areas, we ensure that suspicious activities and emerging threats are promptly identified and addressed.

Deepfakes VS Biometrics KYC Verification

Stay up-to-date with new types of AI manipulations

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Synthetic Faces
Lip Sync
AI-generated Voices
Use cases

Built for your use case

  • Pill icon Digital Forensics

    Our cutting-edge Deepfake Detection Solution is designed specifically for digital forensics companies seeking to empower their detection capabilities with the latest in deep learning technologies.

  • Pill icon Intelligence

    As digital deception continues to rise, our cutting-edge deepfake detection solution provides law enforcement vendors with a powerful weapon to combat online scams.

  • Pill icon Cybersecurity

    Synthetic media and deepfakes are increasingly weaponized for social engineering attacks, corporate communication poisoning, phishing campaigns, and sophisticated fraud schemes.

  • Pill icon KYC

    KYC vendors face an unprecedented challenge: the rise of sophisticated deepfakes that threaten to compromise facial recognition and liveness check, pivotal components of biometric identity verification.

  • Pill icon Law Enforcement

    In an era where AI-powered digital deception is on the rise, our cutting-edge deepfake detection solution offers law enforcement agencies a powerful weapon in the fight against cyber criminals.

  • Pill icon Defence

    As the battle for truth becomes as critical as the battle on the ground in modern warfare, our state-of-the-art deepfake detection solution emerges as an indispensable ally for defense agencies.


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