Media Verification

Experience a frictionless and user-friendly interface designed for everyone. Simply drag and drop your files and get a deepfake media verification within seconds. Our advanced system uses a multilayer approach, examining pixels, file structures, and voice patterns to deliver the most comprehensive assessment effortlessly.

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Understanding Deepfake Media Verification

The most comprehensive detection capabilities

Combining different technologies is essential for an effective deepfake detection solution. Pixel analysis detects visual inconsistencies, audio forensics spots unnatural sound patterns, and file forensics examines structure and metadata.

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Face Manipulation
face manipulation

Our solution provides the most comprehensive detection capabilities, enabling users to quickly and effortlessly analyze digital content to spot face manipulations such. as face swap, lip sync, face reenactement and face morphing.

Generative AI
generative ai

AI-generated models such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Mid Journey represent a significant leap in content creation, enabling users to produce complex graphics without requiring expert skills. These models are particularly adept at generating highly realistic faces and full-body figures, presenting a substantial challenge to detection for non-experts.

Voice Cloning

We employ advanced deep neural networks (DNNs) for detecting and analyzing deepfake audio. These networks are trained on extensive datasets comprising genuine and manipulated audio samples, enabling our technology to discern subtle anomalies and patterns that indicate tampering. This approach allows us to perform deep audio analysis, focusing on features extracted at both the spectral and temporal levels to assess the authenticity of the recordings.

The most comprehensive detective capabilities

We provide the most comprehensive detection capabilities, enabling users to quickly and effortlessly analyze digital content. Our user-friendly interface allows anyone to drag and drop files and geta fast assessment.

Deepfakes VS Biometrics KYC Verification

Stay up-to-date with new types of AI manipulations

Face Swap
Synthetic Faces
Lip Sync
AI-generated Voices

Do you need further support to fill a detailed report?

Our forensic expert can assist you. Within 48 hours, you will receive a second assessment that not only relies on technical analysis but also incorporates our five years of experience in analyzing deepfake content across thousands of cases.

Use cases

Built for your use case

  • Pill icon Digital Forensics

    Our cutting-edge Deepfake Detection Solution is designed specifically for digital forensics companies seeking to empower their detection capabilities with the latest in deep learning technologies.

  • Pill icon Intelligence

    As digital deception continues to rise, our cutting-edge deepfake detection solution provides law enforcement vendors with a powerful weapon to combat online scams.

  • Pill icon Cybersecurity

    Synthetic media and deepfakes are increasingly weaponized for social engineering attacks, corporate communication poisoning, phishing campaigns, and sophisticated fraud schemes.

  • Pill icon KYC

    KYC vendors face an unprecedented challenge: the rise of sophisticated deepfakes that threaten to compromise facial recognition and liveness check, pivotal components of biometric identity verification.

  • Pill icon Law Enforcement

    In an era where AI-powered digital deception is on the rise, our cutting-edge deepfake detection solution offers law enforcement agencies a powerful weapon in the fight against cyber criminals.

  • Pill icon Defence

    As the battle for truth becomes as critical as the battle on the ground in modern warfare, our state-of-the-art deepfake detection solution emerges as an indispensable ally for defense agencies.


Sensity is designed for both developers and non-technical people.

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