KYC Security

As deepfake technology evolves, it poses a serious risk to identity verification systems. Our cutting-edge deepfake detection for KYC systems detect and prevent injection attacks, ensuring the integrity and security of your onboarding process.

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Understanding deepfake attacks

Many KYC vendors can’t detect deepfakes

Deepfake injection cases have skyrocketed in 2023. Integrating Sensity you can rely on a strong partner to prevent these attacks.

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Easy Integration
easy integration

Our comprehensive deepfake detection for KYC systems includes both an SDK and an API, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Deploy them individually or together for maximum flexibility. The SDK monitors user sessions for anomalies, such as virtual cameras and mobile emulators, ensuring authenticity. Meanwhile, the API performs pixel-level analysis of images and videos, delivering a binary real/fake response in near real-time.


Our deepfake detection for KYC is trusted by leading biometrics vendors worldwide for its exceptional security standards. Our encrypted APIs and rigorously tested SDKs are designed to withstand authorization, authentication, and man-in-the-middle attacks, ensuring robust protection. Additionally, we adhere to the highest industry standards, being ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant, guaranteeing that your data is managed with the utmost care and security

Business First
business first

We understand the critical importance of providing high protection against deepfake threats while minimizing false positives, even at high volumes. After years of intensive research and development, our solution delivers exceptionally accurate results, ensuring legitimate clients are not mistakenly rejected, even under challenging conditions and high-volume scenarios

Stay up-to-date with new types of AI manipulations

Face Swap
Synthetic Faces
Lip Sync
AI-generated Voices

Liveness detection
is not enough

Liveness detection alone is insufficient against advanced deepfakes, which can convincingly mimic real-time interactions. While it can identify static images or pre-recorded videos, it struggles with sophisticated deepfakes. Therefore, advanced techniques like pixel-level analysis and anomaly detection are necessary for robust security and fraud prevention.

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Use Cases

Built for your use case

  • Pill icon Cybersecurity

    Synthetic media and deepfakes are increasingly weaponized for social engineering attacks, corporate communication poisoning, phishing campaigns, and sophisticated fraud schemes.

  • Pill icon KYC

    KYC vendors face an unprecedented challenge: the rise of sophisticated deepfakes that threaten to compromise facial recognition and liveness check, pivotal components of biometric identity verification.


Sensity is designed for both developers and non-technical people.

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